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State of art scanning technology allows almost instant capture within only two second. Thus, there is minimal limit to elders, kids, pets, multiple people and poses.


A total of 89 High Definition cameras combined with industrial level 3D printer ensure the likeness is 100% life looking. We know how important that is and we deliver the ultimate satisfaction.


We offer top level quality and customer service and we are confident that we have the lowest price across North America. See anywhere lower? Let us know and we do price match.

Options & Pricing

Check out the different packages and features as there must be one for you.
  • There are 3 sizes of 3D portraits to choose from. There are 5″, 7″ and 9″. The larger the 3D portrait, the more detailed it will be. Any other customized sizes may be available on request. Please note any human subject sitting / kneeling / bending over will be printed at half-height (e.g. a sitting person ordered at 7″ will be printed at 3.5″ tall).
  • We support 2 or more people being scanned at the same time so you can all share the experience. This is ideal for families, friends, or lovers.
  • We are also welcome pets. Please note pets captured alone are printed at a shorter height: pets sitting or standing alone are printed at half-height, and pets laying down alone are printed at 1/4 height (e.g. a laying pet ordered at 7″ will be printed at 1.75″ tall).
  • The base height will be included in the total height of your choice (e.g. If you order your 7″ 3D portrait with a base, the body part of the 3D portrait will be slightly shorter than 7″, but the total height of 3D portrait including a base will remain at 7″).
  • Downloadable 3D files: CAD 100.00. The files include an .obj geometry file along with its high resolution texture files. You can use these files for re-printing. We offer re-print services.
  • Shipping: We ship Canada-wide.
  • Pickup: In-store pickup is for free.

Mini 5

Pocket Sized
$115*/one person
  • Unique 5″ 3D Portrait
  • 2 Persons for $205**
  • 3 Persons or More for $285***
  • Free 3D GIF for Social Sharing
  • Free Downloadable 3D files
  • Free Canada-wide Shipping

Standard 7

Best Value
$209*/one person
  • Unique 7″ 3D Portrait
  • 2 Persons for $349**
  • 3 Persons or More for $479***
  • Free 3D GIF for Social Sharing
  • Free Downloadable 3D files
  • Free Canada-wide Shipping

* Please note all prices are in Canadian dollars and are subject to an additional GST/PST where applicable.

** Prices are for one 3D portrait consisting of two persons

*** Prices are for one 3D portrait consisting of three persons or more

**** Seniors over 65 years old are eligible for a 10% discount with their valid photo IDs (Can not be combined with any other offer).

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